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Monix bloggie! so cold this monix right..rase mlas jew mau mandi. Btw i'm use a hot water actually for shower..hihikk. Why i'm wake up early? bcoz i want go to skool? thats right tuday are Monday but this monix i'm not coming to skool..why? bocz i need to take mamma place..what i need to do?..ermmmmmmm..
i need to cooking but rice only..i need to sidai kain..sapu sampah..kemas bilik..cuci pinggan..make a breakfast for my litter sis bocz she need go to skool..hahakk..cian..giv my pet eat..my pet is fish..banyak..! hihi.. and yg paling best gilew ary nie..xdew sape at uma aq..! bule la on9 Facebook Blogger Formspring Tagged..wuyoo..! banyaknye..!! hihihikkk...ok largh..thats all for this time..i need to mandie now. Da berbau harum giler da nie..hahakkk..sorry ye..