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Upgrade MyCutez Phone

Tadaa ! It so beautiful for me..if u, i dont know la..how long i want upgrade my lovly phone but no time want do that..2 hours i decorate..firstly i put full on my phone..but went finished..look like keling jew..t'lalu glam sgt...after that aq bukak blek sume manik2 nie..n that time my idea bwu mau coming..huhuhu...bunga yg sedang mekar segar..bab aq suke sgt ngok bunga yg segar..so i make like that on my phone..lastly..this my new phone face...so wonderfull ! bwu ade smagat mau caring ag phone aq nie..hehe.. i luv u largg syg ! owh..sorry..i say that for my phone n not tu u..!..hehe