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My First Present from The Chinese Girl

Chan Sweet Ly..she's beautiful for me..but she 'tomboy'..with her walk style can make me laugh !! Dye slalu buli aq..aq jd mangsa bcoz lam klas aq dok sbelah dye slama 2 years..huhu..aq lak kene taan largh..but ade gune gak dye dok sbelah aq..coz my eye has litter trouble..mlas mau pkai spek..skema je..can i copycat at her when she done copy atfrunt..hehehe..that's easy right ? xD .. Bile staon kenal dye..dye bg aq pesent yg x memerlukan duet..but ikhlas dr haty..present tue create by herself..so sweet ! nme pown Chan Sweet Ly..hahahakk..just giv me 1 card using by A4 paper..make it simple but i'm so happy coz she remamber my birtday..by the way..she keep secret about her birtday from me..huhuhu..