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What i want doing in 2 month ?

      * Shoppping ? mau g shopping with my sweetheart..but xtau ley lepas kew x kali nie..
      * Sleeping ? sure my mom bising jew 24 jam..
      * Back Village at Kedah ? mesty kne jumpa ngn kwn cousin..xley lari r lau blek kmpong !
      * Follow Father go Shah Alam ? abah keje..bkan ley bwak jlan pown
      * Make Traetment with my hair ? owh..bajet at tgan new adew RM 50 lau mau wat treatment..lau camtue xley larh nak shopping !
      * Eating for 24 hour ? tkot gmok ? owh xpe..gmok tang mukew ja..bdan stay 33...hihihi..bdn da mmg xmau naek pown lau mkn byk..pipi jew mkin tembab bembam...hakahkahk