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Change a Dream in that Time

Today i go D'NUR BEAUTY HOUSE..i think want make appoiment for do traitment or rebond my hair..but laen lak yg jd..Kak Nurul say if i want do a traitment or rebond maybe i have pay RM 200 and above for long hair ! for a short hair just only RM 80 until RM 100...only ? urgh..in my hand have only RM 100..RM50 for g hang out with sweethert..so just leave half..RM50 ? so..i cancel my dream for rebond again..Kak Nurul giv advice for just buy a shampoo(Amy Mascara Produk)..the price of shampoo is RM 50 can save until 6 month..only use 1 week 1 day..bau shampo tue pown best gak..(bau rose merah..my favorite) So i make result for buy a shampoo..because..that shampoo just RM 50..automatic i can go hang out with my sweetheart ujung minggu nie !( x tau comform ke x )..huhuhu..